I love Fall – it’s my favorite season of the year. My birthday, Sept. 22, is actually the official first day of Fall. With Fall comes football (praise God). I enjoy “Friday Night Lights” (I went to see a local high school team play this past Friday night). I enjoy college football and I love the NFL. As I mentioned yesterday, the cowboys are looking pretty good.

Heroes promo

The other cool thing about Fall are the TV shows that are back in action and the new ones that are just starting. Last night I watched Heroes and Journey Man. I’m a sucker for time travel shows or movies. I love Back to the Future. I loved Quantum Leap. Something about time travel fascinates me. Anyone else catch Journey Man? What did you think?

Of course tomorrow I’ve got to play catch up and watch one of my favorite shows: Prison Break, as well as the brand new Chuck – which looks pretty cool. Anyone catch Chuck?


Speaking of Fall, check out my article entitled “Fall Ideas for Media Ministry” HERE.

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