Family Reunion

Today I fly to South Carolina. I’ve got a family reunion tomorrow, which ought to be interesting since we haven’t had one in years. I fly into Charleston, SC, which is where my wife and met and went to college (and lived for 8 years). The first churches I ever served on staff at were in Charleston. We’re going to do some sight seeing, cruise by our old college and have lunch at my all-time favorite Mexican restaurant with 2 friends from college. One of the friends is my college roommate – he’s bringing his 2 boys and I’ll have my 3 kids with me (should be pretty cool).

After sight-seeing and visiting in Charleston for a while, we’ll head up to the upstate of South Carolina, which is where I’m from and my mom lives. We’ll do the family reunion thing on Saturday and then I’ll get to visit some churches on Sunday. I’ll fly home on Monday and will probably blog again on Tuesday. Peace!

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