FREE Seminary Training and Thoughts On Church Web Design

This just in from Cory Miller at Church Communications Pro: Biblical Training is a website with a ton of FREE audio lectures (most in MP3 format) from some of the best evangelical profs around. I’m a life-long learner, so I love to come across stuff like this. I’m going to check it out – maybe you should to.

Rocking websites

Cory just kicked off a new series called “Building Rockin Church Websites.” If you are involved with your church’s website, be sure to check it out over the next few weeks. He should be covering some good topics. He just interviewed one of my favorite bloggers and the designer of this blog, Kent from Church Relevance and Bombay Creative. His post features 15 questions he asked Kent about Bombay Creative and building church websites.

FYI – Cory is the one who did the 5 Questions with Top Bloggers. To read my answers click HERE.


One of my latest articles, entitled “Less Is More“, is in Vision Magazine. Check it out HERE.

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