Friday Night Lights and MinistryCOM Recap

Friday Night Lights pic

Did you watch “Friday Night Lights” last week? I did! Maybe it’s because I love sports, especially football. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for sports movies and this new TV show is a lot like the movie. Maybe it’s because I live in Texas and get to experience Friday night lights in person each week, but I loved this show.

Seeing high schoolers act too old – talk about sex and drinking was not my favorite part, but it does accurately reflect real life. I thought the football sequences (practices and the game) were well done and very entertaining. Tune in tonight for Episode 2!
Friday Night Lights 2

Two highlights that I’ll point out:

  1. At the end of the game/episode (with a cool musical underscore), the team got down on one knee and all prayed together. Mind you, not in just any name or a generic “God” – they prayed in Jesus name and I was cheering and yelling at the TV. I loved it!
  2. How’s this for interaction? At the end they said, “Want to talk to the producer? Log on now at” Pretty cool – they had a live blog where you could chat with the producer.


Greg teaching at MinistryCOM MinistryCOM now has photos and CDs available. Check HERE for more if you missed out on this year’s conference or if you just want to remember and share what happened with your church staff. I found a picture of me teaching on the site. You never know what you’ll find!

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