Get to Know Alan Danielson

As you know, I’m a full-time consultant and feed my family by consulting and secret shopping churches. However,…

As you know, I’m a full-time consultant and feed my family by consulting and secret shopping churches. However, I want to take today to encourage you to get to know another consultant and friend of mine – Alan Danielson. I think it’s worth your time to consider bringing him into your church, especially with his summer special. Alan specializes in small groups, multi-site and has a new Triple-Threat Leadership training that he’s doing. Read a blog that Alan just wrote to tell you about what he can do for your church:

I absolutely LOVE helping pastors and leaders build the best ministries and organizations possible.  I can give your organization a boost related to leadership development, outreach, small groups, and multi-site ministry.  I’d be happy to talk to you about how I can help set you and your team up for more success!


My proprietary Triple-Threat Leadership system will allow you see leadership through a truly new and simple lens.  It will help you see your own personal strengths and blind spots as well as revealing the default leadership approach of and blind spots within your entire organization.  Read here for a series of short blog posts describing Triple-Threat Leadership and then contact me about taking your team through a one-day training/assessment or about setting up a several month coaching relationship where you will truly be developed into a Triple-Threat Leader.

TRIPLE-THREAT LEADERSHIP SUMMER SPECIAL!! Summer is the right time to talk about leadership development.  Since fall is when life gets back into full-swing and normal rhythms, it just makes sense to gear up and work on leadership skills during the summer.  Let me help you this summer by offering a 35% discount from my normal rate.  I typically don’t list prices on my site, but for this summer I’m throwing caution to the wind!  My normal rate of $1000 (plus travel) for a one-day, on-site training event for your staff will be discounted to $650 during the months of June and July!!!  Your team will be challenged and your ability to make great leadership choices will be fundamentally improved!  Contact me to set up your event TODAY!



I’ve been a conference speaker for Willow Creek, Saddleback and  Training leaders and challenging their paradigms is on of my specialties.  My genuine and funny style are sure to engage your audience.


Evangelistic speaking is a gift and a passion!  I am always up for preaching/pulpit supply and evangelism/revial speaking engagements.


I’ll help you cast vision for your small group minsitry, push your leaders to move beyond their comfort levels, and disarm their fears through fun,  engaging and humorous communication.


I consult for churches through retainer contracts and one-off site visits.  Here are some of my areas of specialty.
>  Creating a small group ministry environment where evangelism, mission and outwardness are embraced.
>  Building a comprehensive small group system where groups survive and thrive. Includes:
–   Curriculum
–   Marketing Plans
–   Training Methods
–   Mission Strategies
>  Doubling your number of small groups.
>  Helping your new groups survive their first year.
>  Creating a scalable group model for Multi-Site Ministry.
>  Establishing a solid curriculum plan.
>  Transitioning from Sunday School to small groups.

For any of your speaking and/or consulting needs, please contact me and we’ll work to establish a contract that is appropriate for your budget.

Click here to hear some of my live event speaking samples.  Click here to see some of my pre-recorded teaching samples.