Giving Out Props

Two quick props:

  1. First off – WorshipHouse Media has a great new FREE download entitled “One Need” by Erwin Brother Motion Pictures. You can get it HERE.
  2. Second – And I’m really pumped about this… eleven72 gets a huge shout out and “Job well done!” for already releasing their Christmas video. Every year I beg producers to get seasonal media out in a timely manner and it seems to get a little bit better each year.For 2007, my hat is off to eleven72 for being the first ones on the scene with their new video set to a classic/favorite Christmas song, “Breath of Heaven”. They sent it to me to check out, as well as a new video for New Year’s – talk about ahead of the pack! You can preview the Christmas video HERE.* As I mentioned the other day, job well done to WorshipHouse Media for launching their seasonal stores for Thanksgiving and Christmas at a great time.


Was just watching “Friday Night Lights”. A girl invited one of the wild/rough football players to church. He came and it was a pretty cool scene. The song the worship team/choir was singing right before the commercial was by Dallas’ own Kari Jobe.


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