God Spoke To Me

I’m really enjoying my time off and getting some perspective and direction from God. I was too close to our building project and really operating out of my flesh. God showed me yesterday just how dry I was and how I need to be renewed, refreshed and revived.

The really cool thing is that he spoke to me through a movie. Yesterday was “$.50 cent Tuesday” at my local dollar movie. I saw a movie with themes of hope, healing, restoration, grace and mercy all through it and it reminded me of Christ’s unconditional love for me, His amazing grace, His unending mercy (which is new EVERY morning) and the hope that I have in Him.

Driving home, I prayed a dangerous prayer: I prayed that God would help me to fall in love with Him again. That He would give me a deep longing and soul craving for Him, His Word, His Presence and that I would once again find Him daily in my secret place.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a true artist – I’m a night owl and definitely not a morning person. I prayed and asked God to allow me to wake up earlier and have time with Him each day before work. I’ve always done my quiet time at night – before bed. I still might read some at night, but I really feel a desire to start my day off in His Word and His Presence.

Pray for me – that God would answer my prayer, that I would wake up refreshed each morning and ready to spend that precious time with him DAILY. Pray that I would fall in love with Jesus all over again.

If you will take this seriously and pray this for me, I will forever be grateful and thank you one day in heaven. 🙂

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