Going LIVE Today

A while back I blogged about the new DVD from Flashlight Films that I reviewed. Today it went…

Flashlight Films Vol.1
A while back I blogged about the new DVD from Flashlight Films that I reviewed. Today it went LIVE to the public. I encourage you to check it out. I blogged first about their Run the Race Collection. Next I blogged about their second one: Lord’s Supper Collection. Then I blogged about their third one: Clean the Cup Collection.

Now two mini-movies – “Dear Jane” and “Apostles Creed” round out the project (which I’d suggest just buying the whole thing). The “Dear Jane” mini-movie is very well done – very classy and dramatic. A great opener for a discussion on divorce or just trials in life. The “Apostle Creed” mini-movie I’ve used in a service before and it was very well received.

Chris Tomlin CD

Chris Tomlin - See the Morning

Speaking of going LIVE today – Chris Tomlin’s NEW Cd hit the streets today. You can get it at your local music store or on iTunes.

FaithVisuals LOGO

Also going LIVE today is FaithVisuals.com. I don’t know much about them, yet. I knew they were in development, but just saw today that they went live. I’ll update you more once they get back to me.

Their stated goal is two-fold: 1) to raise the level of visual media used in churches today, and 2) to raise the number of churches using visual media. This I like. These two goals are the reason I teach and speak at so many conferences.

FaithVisuals.com is created by the editors of Christianity Today International and PreachingToday.com. What’s wrong with that you may ask? I have a philosophy that I believe strongly in. KEEP THE MAIN THING THE MAIN THING. A project like this, who’s number one priority is not this company, will NEVER be as good of a resource as a company like SermonSpice or WorshipHouse Media, where that’s all they do – it is their “main thing”.

Christianity Today and PreachingToday will never be all they can be as a company with their time, money, energy, efforts and staff divided. Any time, money, energy, effort, etc. that they give to FaithVisuals.com is time, money, energy, effort, etc. that they’re not giving to their “main thing”. Why not achieve the two stated goals by pointing your readers to websites like SermonSpice (featuring over 2000 resources) and WorshipHouse (featuring over 5000 resources)?