Going To Hotlanta!

Today I leave for the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA or as some call it: The ATL. I grew up in South Carolina, so Atlanta is in my home territory. I married an Atlanta girl. I’m really looking forward to this conference for many reasons.

  • One, this is a conference that I’m just attending, so my schedule is flexible and I’ll have more time to hang out and talk with people.
  • Two, it’s an amazing conference.
  • Three, I get to stay with a long-time friend and worship leader who lives in Atlanta. I haven’t seen he and his wife in years and I’ve never seen their new son, so I’m really pumped about that. Jake is a gifted man with a heart for God and a passion for worship. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for someone to bring in for a concert, worship workshop/weekend experience and/or a youth retreat. He’s amazing.

I’m sure I’ll be blogging about my conference experience in the days to come.

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