Good Friday

Hello and a good day to you all. What a week it has been. I have definitely sensed…

Hello and a good day to you all. What a week it has been. I have definitely sensed the power of prayer and the presence of God this week. Thanks for all your calls, texts, prayers and emails. I haven’t been able to answer email since Monday, so forgive me for taking a while to reply.

This week has been amazing! We’ve had long days of setup, planning, building, buying, cleaning and prepping – mixed with full nights of training and rehearsals – followed by late nights of working after rehearsal. The transformation of seeing our “construction zone” change into a worship center has been indescribable. When I heard our worship pastor start to sing the first song from the stage 2 nights ago, I almost lost it. It was such as rush and breath of fresh air. You can get so caught up in all the details and fires to put out that you can easily forget that this is our new home and where future special times of corporate worship will take place.

I have never been so proud of a team, as I have been this week. From my staff, to volunteers taking off work to come and help out during the day, to my tech arts team training and rehearsing each night – it’s been wonderful to see the response. My admins have been pro-active and God-sends – they have literally thought for me, fought for me, answered and worked for me and protected me from any distractions. They also saw that we had home-made meals brought to the church each night, including a meal for my staff and our families last night.

Yesterday, we as a Worship & Arts staff had a mandatory meeting from noon to 2pm. Our worship pastor had planned a special trip and no one would tell us where we were going. Our admins had gotten us boxed lunches to eat in the car and flew to our unknown destination. We arrived shortly later at the local IMAX theater. I’m a “movie-guy”, so I was thinking cool – “I wonder which movie we’re going to see”.

Our worship pastor bought everyone’s tickets and gave them out without saying anything. The ticket lady handed us a pair of 3D glasses and we were rushed into the dark theater. We sat down to see, feel, almost touch and experience U2-3D on the IMAX screen. Words can’t describe it…

For the next 2 hours we were absolutely blown away by the most amazing movie and/or concert experience any of us have ever experienced – it was just what the doctor ordered. I smiled the whole time. We left the theater refreshed and with new wind in our sails. It was a moment I will never forget. My boss (our worship pastor) is the greatest and his love for us was poured out on us. I thank God for our team.

Speaking of teams – I’m watching my tech arts team grow each night. You can literally feel the excitement, energy and momentum. People that haven’t served since I started at the church (this Sunday is my one year anniversary) have come out of the woodworks to participate and get trained on the new gear. I have sat back in wonder and praised God for what he’s doing all around me.

That’s all for now. I must get some rest. I’ll be back in “blogging action” soon.


Yes, I did miss “Lost” due to work/rehearsal. Please don’t call or email me and tell me what happened. Shame on some of you!