Good Times

Hello blog world. I’ve been away from my laptop the last several days. The end of last week I spent with friends from other churches that were in town for the C3 Conference. I gave several tours of Bent Tree and enjoyed meeting some of you for the first time. Thursday and Friday night I attended “C3 Nights” where I enjoyed great nights of worship and speaking from Brian Houston and TD Jakes.

Saturday I spent the day with friends from Christ Life Church in Tempe, AZ. We toured Bent Tree and also went to worship services at 3 different churches: Gateway, The Village and Deep Ellum Church. Sunday, they came with me to Bent Tree and got to see the behind-the-scenes of what happens on a Sunday.

After having lunch with them and saying “Goodbye”, I left with our Worship & Arts staff for our retreat in East Texas. We spent Sunday evening and Monday together as a staff – had a great time, played together, laughed together and even got to ride horses! (I’ll post a picture of me on a horse very soon) Below is a picture of our Worship & Arts staff at the retreat:
staff retreat


Today EasyWorship is flying me to Tulsa, OK to visit the EasyWorship headquarters and preview some upcoming changes to EasyWorship. I look forward to seeing what they’ve been working on and offering feedback.

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