Busy Day

What a day! I met the Creative Synergy podcast team bright and early at my church’s studio to…

What a day!

I met the Creative Synergy podcast team bright and early at my church’s studio to record Episode 2 – I think you’ll really like it. I enjoyed it. Then I scooted (not on an actual scooter) over to Fellowship Church’s Downtown campus to meet with their Campus Pastor and fellow technology lover, Terry Storch. We had a great time catching up. Terry took me to an amazing Mexican restaurant (my favorite food), where I think I broke the local record for eating the most chips and salsa at one sitting. It was REALLY good.

Blogging Church book pic Terry just sent me the manuscript for his new book: The Blogging Church. I can’t wait to read it! He was telling me a little about it over lunch and I was getting pretty pumped up about it. Terry and co-writer Brian Bailey, have pulled in some very cool contributors and stories, which promise to make for a great read.

Light Cast logo

Terry also told me more detail about his new venture: Light Cast Media, which is what churches like LifeChurch.tv and Seacoast use to stream their services via the web. Also the Granger Film Festival, which I blogged about earlier, used them to post the winners of the festival. They’ve got some pretty cool stuff in the works. I’d encourage you to cruise their website and see if they might be of help to your ministry.

Also today, my new weekly column on Monday Morning Insights launched. My column is going to be called “Church Video Ideas”. I wonder where that name came from? You can see my column/article on their homepage today or go straight to by clicking HERE. I got to meet Todd Rhoades of MMI at the Catalyst Conference. I encourage you to subscribe to his weekly newsletter. I’ve subscribed to it for years.

Now, I’m finishing up this blog and then going to a meeting with the Executive Pastor of my home church – Fellowship Dallas. After that I’ll go home to see the family and pack for my trip tomorrow. (More on that in tomorrrow’s blog).


  • Google Bought YouTube – It’s officialGoogle has purchased video-sharing site YouTube for $1.65 billion. I had heard rumors, but now it’s for real. I’m jealous. YouTube’s founders, who started the company out of a garage two years ago, are both under 30. Wow!
  • FREE Music – One of my favorite bands (MuteMath) has a FREE download via iTunes from their Plan B album. Hook it up!
    MuteMath CD