Got a Software To Recommend?

We’ve all been there: from time to time, we need to convert a video piece from one format to another. I was helping our youth ministry last week convert a video they had created in Final Cut Pro to an AVI and/or MPEG1 so they could play it in PowerPoint. I told them to download the Xilisoft Video Converter, which is what I use. I also suggested they upgrade their QuickTime to QuickTime Pro.

My friend, Brian Davis (of Worship Tech Online), told me about a piece of software that he uses. Terry Storch actually told Brian and he was passing the tip on to me. It’s a software called Visual Hub and it allows you to import MPEG1 (and other formats) into Final Cut Pro for editing. I thought it was a pretty cool piece of software.

So, I ask you: What software package can you not live without? What have you found that works great for your situation?


Remember my presentation software poll? It’s interesting that the 3 software companies that I stand behind/endorse and list on my “Charter Sponsors” page are the top 3 in the poll. If you haven’t voted yet, vote HERE.

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