Greg Atkinson

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Greg Atkinson started Greg Atkinson Consulting, LLC in 2005. Greg does a variety of coaching and consulting for large churches, non-profits, and businesses. You can reach us at 704-997-3261.

Greg is the CEO of The Kindness Group. We help create kinder and healthier nonprofits, churches, and businesses.

In addition to coaching entrepreneurs and business owners, Greg’s new focus for 2024 and beyond is on organizational culture.

Greg is the Charlotte Chapter President for Truth at Work and leads monthly roundtables for business leaders in the Charlotte Metro.

He addresses this in his new book on kindness and his new podcast: Kindness and Culture.

If you’d like to contact Greg about consulting or coaching, please contact his Executive Assistant, Amy, HERE.


Secret Shopper

If you would like Greg to come to your church as a secret shopper, go HERE for more details.

As a professional secret shopper, Greg has consulted with the largest and fastest-growing churches in the country – each and every year.

From the latest Top 100 listings from Outreach Magazine, Greg consulted with two of the Top 5 fastest-growing churches in the US (Bayside at #1 and Radiant at #4).

Greg has also consulted with numerous churches on the Top 100 Largest Churches list, including 3 of the Top 7.

General Church Consulting

Greg, along with his strategic partners, go out to churches frequently to coach and consult in areas like leadership and staffing, strategy, worship, technology (sound, video, lights, and production), social media/online presence/branding and innovation in general. Greg consults with churches, non-profits, ministries, organizations, and businesses in the areas of guest services and hospitality. Contact Greg today if you’d like to start a discussion about him working with your organization.


  • Each church, non-profit or business (and situation) is different. Greg bases his costs according to the length of commitment and travel involved. Contact Greg for questions about pricing for consulting. To book a call or coaching session with him, go here:

Online Presence & Brand Consulting

Greg has been called an expert in social media. Greg founded and ran his own social media marketing firm that catered to businesses. Greg also frequently consults with churches, businesses, and non-profits in the area of social media, branding, and online presence. The advantage of this package is there are no travel costs (no flight, rental car, meals or hotel). Greg can do all his work on your online presence from the comfort of his home.

Greg will do a thorough evaluation of your organization’s online presence and then give you a detailed report, which he can go over via conference call or video chat (as he has done for a number of organizations). Greg will give you insight, feedback based on research and areas for improvement. Each consultation includes a plan of action steps for your organization to take in order to make a bigger impact.


  • Based on the size of the church, nonprofit, or business and how much “ground” there is to cover.

To get the ball rolling and book your consultation, email Greg at To book a call or coaching session with him, go here:


In 2009, Greg started coaching church planters from around the country while working for ARC (Association of Related Churches). He has continued to coach pastors and leaders ever since.

Greg does coaching in specialty areas such as Guest Services and First Impressions, Team Building and Leadership Development, Worship & Production, Creative Leadership, Online Presence, including social media and your church’s website.

To book a call or coaching session with him, go here:


If you’d like to contact Greg about consulting or coaching, please contact his Executive Assistant, Amy, HERE.