Guest Post by Michael Buckingham: All In

The following is a guest blog from Michael Buckingham, founder of Holy Cow! Creative and Creative Director for…

The following is a guest blog from Michael Buckingham, founder of Holy Cow! Creative and Creative Director for the Center for Church Communication

I’m a people watcher. I love to watch people interact, explore the world around them…my wife and I even try to guess people’s relationships when we’re out to dinner. When I had the chance to check out Hollywood Blvd…wow. For those of you who have been there you’ll remember the street performers in front of the Chinese Theater where you will see all the characters SpongeBob, Jack Sparrow, Elvis, Optimus Prime, Spider Man…you name it someone is there dressed up trying to make a living in Hollywood.

The difference between those who do well and draw a crowd and those who are wasting their time is all about their commitment to what they are doing. I saw it last time I was there.

Spider Man did okay, he got up on the light poles and did his thing, but his outfit looked like children’s pajamas…he found a shortcut, and it spoiled the experience. SpongeBob and Optimus Prime had the outfit, the costumes were hand crafted and very nice, but just stood there and waved. The best they got was a kid pointing and waving…from across the street.

Then there was Jack Sparrow. He went all in. He didn’t just put on a costume, he threw himself into the part. It was as if Jack Sparrow himself had jumped out of the movie and everyone wanted in on the action. I don’t have any doubt that this isn’t his ultimate dream, I don’t think he came to Hollywood to street perform on the strip…but he was committed to the craft and threw himself into the role.

Which are you? Who are your ministries, communications, preaching? Are you Spider Man who has the passion but has taken the shortcuts? The Transformer who has the flash but has no passion?

Will you be Jack Sparrow? Will you fully commit to what you do and how you do it? Will you push against the ‘just get it done’ attitude and the acceptance of ‘good enough’? We’ve all done it, I’ve done it. In the busyness of our days mixed with limited resources we’ve turned ministry into a list of to do items, trying to get each of them checked off with the least amount of effort. It’s not a lack of passion, it’s a lack of focus on our passion.

It often will mean avoiding the path of least resistance and will likely require sacrifice, but the good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. Look at Greg as an example, reaching out to friends to guest post (thank you, truly an honor) so that he can be fully committed to the book, fully engaged in his passion. Who has God set in your path to help you pursue your calling?

The great news is that when we are committed and fully engaged in that which God has called us to do, lives are changed, marriages are saved, people find hope…our light shines bright.