Have You Checked Out Todd Rhoades’ Ministry BRIEFING?

Have you checked out this great resource for church leaders?  It’s called Ministry BRIEFING and it’s put together by my friend, Todd Rhoades. I simply go to the website HERE and scroll down to the bottom, click on the Amazon link and with one click, it’s ordered and loaded onto my iPad. I love it. When I get a chance, I read through it and catch up on all that I missed in the last month. What is it you ask?

Ministry BRIEFING is a concise digest of the news and events that are changing church and ministry life in the United States. Written specifically for pastors and church leaders, Ministry Briefing shares over 400 stories, headlines, and resources that every church leader should be aware of. It’s a great and very cheap way to stay on top of things in the ever-changing ministry world. Tell your staff about and I encourage you to follow Todd’s blog HERE. He’s also listed on my blogroll to the right. Thanks Todd for this great resource!

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