Have You Heard of AllPeers?


I’d like to thank Bill Seaver from MicroExplosion, for telling me about AllPeers. This would be a great asset to churches that are sharing files with a group of members. I know many worship pastors have to get various audio tracks out to their volunteers on a regular basis and AllPeers looks like it could be a great way to get it in the hands of the people as quickly as possible.

*PLEASE NOTE: Anytime you give your worship team new songs to listen to, PLEASE make copies or give links to your audio team as well. It is very important that the people running sound in your church are listening to the same kind of music that your worship team plays, are very comfortable and familiar with it, and know how to mix for it.


Please note, there is still time to register for and attend NRB/Reach. If you’ve been to NRB in the past and weren’t too crazy about it, I ask you to give them another try. I’ll be teaching 3 classes this year, as they are really trying to make their Church Media track more relevant and useful. The class that I’m doing with Grant Guffin (of Flashlight Films) is going to be extra special. We’ve invited staff from Mosaic, Granger Community Church and LifeChurch.tv to join us on our panel. These 3 churches are 3 of the most innovative and cutting-edge churches in the world. We’re thrilled to have them join our class. I hope to see you in Orlando!

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