Have You Heard of MAG?

Hello and welcome to MAG week on my blog. I had the pleasure of breaking bread with Bryan…

Hello and welcome to MAG week on my blog. I had the pleasure of breaking bread with Bryan Miles about a month ago and I was fascinated to learn of what a resource they are to the local church. I thought I would take this entire week to tell you all about the Miles Advisory Group.

You should know up front that MAG is not a sponsor and is not paying me to say this. I’ve always tried to be a resource to the Church by telling you all of resources available and that’s what we’re going to do this week. Today we’re going to focus on the bread and butter of MAG and that is their MAG EAs. Let’s dive in…

Do your voicemails need answered? E-Mail inbox blowing up? Staff and attendees need your time? Calendar out of control? Have time to prep for your next message/series? When is the last time you posted to your blog? Need to travel somewhere? Feel the stress yet?

Many churches have the need for a qualified, professional Executive Assistant (EA) to support a senior-level leader, such as a Sr. Pastor, Lead Pastor, Campus Pastor, and/or Executive Pastor but cannot find or afford a full-time person. A virtual/remote EA represents the Pastor, so it’s a position that requires poise, discretion, confidentiality, and exceptional people skills. In addition to the clerical, reporting, and administrative duties required of an assistant, an EA job description also typically includes a working knowledge of the leader’s duties/habits/preferences, so as to be able to effectively schedule the leader’s calendar and time. MAG can help.

MAG recruits and vets highly qualified, responsive, skilled EAs to work in a remote/virtual capacity. We staff an EA specific to your church based on the types of duties they will need to perform. The EAs can work with your church as little as 5 hours a week, or as many as 40 hours a week, with most engagements averaging 15 to 20 hours a week per Pastor.

I’d just like to add that no one would ever know where your virtual EA is located. To the outside world/congregation, it would appear that she lives in your city and is a true part of your church’s staff. She, her phone number (with appropriate area code) and email address, would be listed on the church’s website and no one would know that they are talking to someone in Atlanta that is working for a pastor in Texas. Pretty cool.

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