PXN8 And Job Openings

Bill, in his MicroExplosion blog, recently mentioned PXN8 – an online photo editor. It seems like someone else,…

Bill, in his MicroExplosion blog, recently mentioned PXN8 – an online photo editor. It seems like someone else, possibly Don Chapman, had already told me about this, but I forgot. Thanks to Bill for bringing it to our attention.


1. If you’re in the Dallas area, possibly a seminary student, Dallas Theological Seminary is looking for a part-time video editor. Here’s the description from their website:

    Video Editor

    Department: Media Production
    Hours: 25 hrs/wk
    Available: Immediately
    Job Description: This position will edit and process recorded sessions including class sessions, chapel, studio sessions, special projects and off-campus events.
    Job Duties:

    • Edit video from written cues following departmental procedures
    • Finalize video for different media needs including DVD, streaming and tape masters.
    • Watch finished sessions for quality control and make necessary changes to resolve issues.
    • Publish streaming content and other media onto the internet with FTP
    • Operate recording equipment including studio cameras, PTZ cameras and controller, video mixer, audio mixer, microphones, DV decks and Direct-To-Disk recorders.
    • Assist in the production processes of video and audio projects including chapel, class sessions and other special projects.
    • Assist in the maintenance and archiving of our editing software, hardware and licenses
    • This position may be responsible for some evening and weekend events and setups.

    2. Director of Communications – Sugar Creek Baptist Church

    You are a unique individual with an ambidextrous brain. You think creatively and logically. Your skills as an organizer, planner and manager are matched by your talents as a visionary, artist, and storyteller. You realize these abilities are God-given and are actively seeking an opportunity to develop shockingly creative communications projects designed to reach an audience who respond to spiritual concepts spoken in a visual language. Maybe you never considered a church would need someone with your gifts, abilities, and expertise. This one does.

    Sugar Creek Baptist Church is seeking a Director of Communications to lead four key areas of our communications efforts: Marketing, Advertising, Publications and Public Relations. We are seeking a multi-talented, energetic and enthusiastic individual who is a successful leader of creative teams and aspires to pioneer innovative approaches to reach our community and world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    In our Creative Communications Department, you will direct how marketing objectives are translated into creative strategies and oversee the process by which advertising projects and publications are completed; continuously leading the collective team to new levels of innovative creation and development.
    To accomplish this, the right candidate must have excellent writing, verbal, presentation, and consensus-building skills; an intuitive and analytical approach to problem solving; experience with marketing, branding, and information architecture; ability to communicate coherently and sensitively with staff members, vendors, and volunteers; general ability to organize people, projects, and information; and, ability to juggle multiple tasks/projects simultaneously. A Bachelors degree in Journalism, Marketing, or Communications is preferred.

    This position is based in Sugar Land, Texas (a suburb of Houston) and the successful candidate will be expected to become a member of Sugar Creek. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package with relocation assistance.

    1. Email a cover letter and resume including salary requirements (PDF is preferred). Submissions will not be considered without salary requirements.
    2. Email links to your on-line work samples with detailed information about your specific involvement.

    Or, you may mail printed copies of the above to:

    Sugar Creek Baptist Church
    Attn. David Grumme
    13333 Southwest Freeway Ste. 200
    Sugar Land, TX 77478

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