HD Camera

I’m getting in after a 17 hour day, so I’ll make this brief (yes, I write my blogs the night before): We are looking at purchasing a new HD camera for our video ministry. This is not a studio camera – this will be used for in-house video projects, interviews, etc.

If you were buying a new 3-chip HD cam, what would you purchase? Right now we’re looking at a Sony camera, maybe a Panasonic. Other ideas? What’s on your wish-list? A RED camera? Let me know. I’ll be looking at these comments before buying.

Several saw my Facebook and Twitter post about being in ARENA training – which Bent Tree is switching over to. I’ll blog more about that in the future.

Please forgive me if you emailed me in the past few days and haven’t heard back. I went to bed early last night because I knew I had to be at the church early this morning and am writing this at 1am. I haven’t had time to check my personal email. I will be replying soon!

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