Heading to NashVegas!

Our 2nd podcast episode is LIVE! Check the website for show notes.

This morning the Wasteland Creative team heads to Nashville. Nashville is one of my favorite cities to visit (which I do frequently). One, because it’s “Music City”, but also because my best friend and his wife live and serve in Nashville. Anytime I get to see him (we’re staying with him) is a great time. His name is Thomas Rose and he’s an amazing worship leader. He leads worship at Mosaic Nashville and also works at Rocketown (founded by Michael W. Smith).

We have two big Wasteland Creative meetings on Friday and would appreciate your prayers. One is with the Executive Board of Rocketown Nashville and the other is with EMI/WorshipTogether. Both meetings are important as we are currently working on two big projects. The first project, which my friend and Co-founder of WC, Mike Biggs, is running point on is to start and run a non-profit youth mentoring center based on the Rocketown model in the city of Dallas. The other project, that I’m running point on, is a city-wide worship project and movement that will take place in various cities throughout the United States and eventually the UK. These meetings are crucial as we are in the early development stage of both projects.

We also hope to get to spend a little time again with author, Matthew Paul Turner, who on our last visit, basically gave us an advanced and customized seminar on writing. He’s an amazing and very transparent/genuine writer. I hope you’ll find and read each of his books – they’re great.


The Work of the People has a FREE download from Chris Seay, Pastor of Ecclesia Church in Houston. The video is entitled “What is Sacred?”. Pastor Chris Seay speaks about Sacred verses Secular, seeking redemption in all things, and creating sacred spaces. Check it out!

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