How Do You Do It?

I’m in the process of coming up with a Video Request sheet for other church staff members to fill out when they have a need for us to create a video for their ministry. This sheet would have information like date project needs to be completed by, budget considerations, who it’s for, what they are trying to accomplish/communicate, storyboard, people to be involved and/or on camera, etc. I’m curious as to if any of you already have a document like this created. If so, I’d love to see it. Email it to me at


You (or at least your worship leader) is probably familiar with Worship Leader Magazine and their Song Discovery program, but have you heard of the new Song Discovery Community? If you’re a Song Discovery subscriber you can sign up now, if not, you can sign up in the near future. Our worship pastor, Scott Dyer, is the featured songwriter right now. His song, “Still Amazed”, is a great song that Song Discovery is featuring. I encourage you to check it out – it’s a great new arrangement of “Amazing Grace”.

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