How do YouSendIt?

Please forgive me if this is not news to you. I’m sure many of you reading my blog…

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Please forgive me if this is not news to you. I’m sure many of you reading my blog are well aware of and probably use it regularly. I don’t want to assume that for every reader, so here goes:

When I have BIG files to send (Print resolution pictures, video clips, mp3s, etc.), I use a FREE website called YouSendIt, instead of trying to send it via email. With YouSendIt, you simply put in the recipient email address(es) and then browse and attach the big file from your computer’s hard drive. Next, just hit “Send it” and it will begin uploading and sending the big file.

The difference is, instead of the file going via email to your recipient and either bogging down their email or getting bounced because their email can’t handle it, they just receive a brief email from YouSendIt that reads “Click HERE to begin downloading your file” – and it tells who sent it to you. I use it almost daily. If you haven’t already, check it out!

Here are two ways you can use this website (that have to do with me):

1. If you have written a song that you’d like me to hear. I have a good relationship with publishers (who don’t take unsolicited songs) and can send them songs that I think have potential. A friend and I have just started a new publishing company for worship leaders.

2. If you have created any type of media (graphics and pictures, motions and loops, video clips and sermon illustrations) that you think the Church (capital “C”) can use, send them to me to preview and if I agree that they would be useful for all churches, I’ll send it to various companies that sell products like that.