How Was Your Thanksgiving?

We had a great Thanksgiving. My wife works weekends at a group home for girls. We had several…

We had a great Thanksgiving. My wife works weekends at a group home for girls. We had several of the girls over to our home for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a special time and humbling to know that it was the best Thanksgiving any of the girls had ever had. The Cowboys continued their win streak, thus adding fuel to the Romo fire. By the way, I just found out that I get to go to the Cowboys/Saints game on December 10. I can’t wait!

Friday and Saturday we got out all our Christmas decorations and began our annual quest to make our home come alive with Christmas lights and stockings. Yes, our tree is up and lit, complete with the angel on top (which I always get to do – though my 4 year old son did kind of help me this year). Sunday we went to our church as a family. I didn’t have to run or play anything, so I got to sit with my wife and just enjoy our time of worship. My highlight was my church’s worship team doing one of my favorite songs for the first time: Revelation Song (which you can hear on my Myspace page by clicking on the song name). My Tuesday night band, i55, gets to do that song often and we love it.

Today, I’m teaching a “Philosophy of Ministry” class at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. I’m looking forward to that. It’s from noon to 2pm – if you’d like to pray for me during that time. Starting in January, I’ll be teaching a worship class at Dallas Theological Seminary each Monday afternoon.


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