I Ate at Chick-fil-A Yesterday

Yep. I joined the peaceful movement, showed my support for Chick-fil-A and ate there yesterday. I tried to eat there at lunch, but it was too crowded and I had a meeting to get to. I ended up going back for dinner and still experienced a crazy line of people waiting to get in or go through the drive-thru. It was encouraging to see so many people support a Christian company and to look at all the pictures of lines of people waiting to get in around the country. I ate there Saturday and last week we ate Chick-fil-A at the ECHO Conference. Bottom-line: I love the restaurant and think they have great customer service and quality food.

Am I anti-gay? No and neither is anyone associated with Chick-fil-A. The problem is when voicing your support of traditional marriage gets turned in to “hate speech” and “discrimination.” That’s ridiculous. As I’ve said before on this blog, I have gay friends. I have much love for gays. I also support Dan Cathy’s right to free speech and have no issue with him voicing his personal opinion.

I discussed this issue on my blog over 2 years ago (in June, 2010) HERE. What bothers me and rubs me the wrong way is the people that cry out for tolerance are some of the most intolerant people I’ve ever come across. These mayors speaking out against Chick-fil-A are ridiculous and intolerant.

So – I ate there. I enjoyed it and I love their business. I suspect they made a ton of money yesterday and were greatly encouraged by the love and support shown to their business. Actually, I suspect Chick-fil-A makes more money in 6 days than many restaurants do in 7. Go figure!

*** Perry Noble wrote a great blog on this and summed up my thoughts better than I could. Read his words HERE.

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2 thoughts on “I Ate at Chick-fil-A Yesterday

  1. Hello Greg. I have been a follower for a couple years now and I have really enjoy your posts and your heart for the gospel, but I think you're flat out wrong here. Fundamentally I don't think Chick-Fil-A is evil or bad and I tend to agree that they are a positive example of good business ethics and practice, but they need to shut up about this topic. There is much debate over the interpretation of the "clobber" scriptures and I am no theologian, but I just don't believe there is enough certainty over the interpretation and application of these passages to stand from the rooftops and make blanket statements. They need to stick to their classic values and just sell chicken. I believe this is damaging to our mission and I sincerely believe that Satan is laughing at the church with his feet up on the desk taking the day off because we are doing his bidding here. I know that sounds extreme, but I believe that passionately. I am no universalist or "let everyone in" type and I believe 100% that the Bible is inspired Holy word yet I think Dan Cathy needs to read things over again. I believe that what was said was a big middle finger to the LGBT community and that hurts me deeply because I know how damaged friends and family have been by these types of comments and others over the years to where they write off the church and all it stands for and that pains me greatly. Dan Cathy thought he was standing for something that needed defending and he was standing on loose sand. He did not further the message of love and grace and relationship with Christ and letting the Holy Spirit change people from the inside so he should have kept quiet. He went for the self-righteous talking points like a politician to his base would. The comments of the mayors in those cities were reckless and foolish and I condemn them too. My heart is for the gospel and the lost and this in my opinion put a major black eye on Christians. I'm in the middle of a church plant now and I am embarrassed by all the stunts lately. I believe this not only drives away the LGBT community, but our young people that are leaving the church in droves too. They don't care about all of these labels and just see the people and how they are being treated so to me this only compounds the difficulty of our work to reach all people especially the young.

    • I respect your views and opinion. I simply disagree. Just as much as someone Pro Gay Marriage has a right to voice their opinion, Dan Cathy has a right to voice his opinion for being Pro Traditional Marriage (one man and one woman). It's freedom of speech and that is his right to say. However, moving forward, Chick-fil-A says they are going to stick with chicken and leave politics alone, so I don't think you have to worry about it being said again.