I Can See Clearly Now…

John Eldredge, in one of his books, wrote about how life flies by and we may have one CLEAR moment in a year. One day or one hour when we truly uncloud our minds and see life purely and clearly. These moments are brief and rare. Most of the time we go throughout our normal lives and don’t stop to see or reflect on what really matters.

Last night I had a “clear moment”. For a brief moment God cleared my mind of everything else and I truly saw the big picture and got a vision for the man He desires me to be. I felt in my heart of hearts, my spirit, and deep down in my soul that God wants me to be a man of prayer. I came to this revelation quickly and simply. I just knew deep down that I should be a man of prayer – continual and rich prayer. That’s it… I may not have another clear moment for another year, but I know that God is up to something in my heart and that’s cool with me.


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