Before you jump to conclusions, allow me to explain. A couple of months ago, my wife and I took my youngest child (Katie) to meet with her potential piano teacher. The piano teacher was a pastor’s wife and was the sweetest, most gentle and kind woman I’ve ever met. She was an excellent pianist and teacher, but she never bragged – she didn’t have one ounce of ego.

Her humility was so attractive to me (not in a sexual way) – in a fragrance of Christ kind of way. I guess because I struggle with pride and ego, I am more aware when someone gives off the opposite vibe. This woman was sincerely sweet and humble and she won me over. As we left, I told my wife that that was the most humble person I’d ever met and I absolutely wanted Katie to take lessons from her. Humility – Who knew it could be such an attractive and admiring quality? Let’s pray and practice humility. I’m working hard toward this goal.

Greg Atkinson


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