Igniter Backs 03

Igniter Back  03

TODAY is THE day to order your copy of Igniter Backs 03. It’s inevitable – you’re going to order it anyway. BUT, today and today only, you get a FREE Igniter t-shirt with your order (you choose size and style). Igniter is excited about this release and feels like the IgniterBacks on this volume are the most usable yet. First, they are offering each Countdown and Loop in 4 formats (including two HD formats). They have also done a better job of making sure the media on all three discs compliment each other well. For instance, if you see a motion loop you like, chances are there are a couple other loops similar as well as a countdown and some stills. That way, you can program your whole service with the same theme or ‘look’.

By the way, they’ll still throw in the Starbucks card (you get one for spending over $20 in the store on shippable items).


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: IgniterBacks 01 and 02 are essential tools for every church’s media library. I’ve got ’em, I use ’em and I HIGHLY recommend them. IgniterBacks 03 is an improvement upon an already top quality product. I urge you to get your order in today. If you don’t have any of the volumes, get with it!


Please know that I understand many of you don’t have media budgets to order from. I know many of you pay for resources out of your own pocket. For those of you in this category, you have to be even more discerning and really be choosy about what you purchase. IgniterBacks won’t let you down or disappoint. If I had to pick one product (containing stills, loops and countdowns) to build my media library, I would purchase the entire set of IgniterBacks.

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