Impotent: Steven L Anderson

stevenandersonCase #1: Steven L Anderson,
pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona


I won’t personally attack this terribly wrong man. I’ll simply say 5 things:

  1. The King James is not the only “inspired” Word of God – far from it.
  2. My pastor, Pete Briscoe, preaches from the NIV every week. You seem to take issue with the liberal NIV.
  3. God does use churches like NewSpring and because of their efforts, God is blessing them and people are coming to Christ.
  4. Use the pulpit to preach the Gospel, not to call out Perry Noble. 
  5. Legalism sucks. I named my first born Grace because I so hate legalism and so embrace God’s grace.

*Here is his YouTube channel if you’d like to see more from him. He apparently loves to set up a camera and post videos. I’m sure he won’t mind you watching him.

NOTE: I have emailed Steven and asked to meet with him when I speak in Phoenix this month. My hope is to discuss his teaching and strong views with him. We definitely don’t see eye to eye.

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