It Must Be Easter Season

It’s almost 1 AM and I’m just now getting home from church – it must be Easter season. This has been a wild week of long days and longer nights, as we prepare for our Good Friday and Easter productions. I’m grateful that I wasn’t up at the church alone. We have an amazing team of volunteers who were there along with me, working hard. It feels a little stressful and like we won’t finish everything in time, but I know it always comes together in the end. I wish I could tell you what we’re up to, but it’s top secret. I’ll post pictures and possibly some video after Easter.

I can tell you this: we’re using some Jesus stock footage from my friends at Flashlight Films. The product is perfect for our needs – ready to be put in Final Cut and edited as needed. If you’re looking for some good Christ/Passion footage to edit and use, I highly recommend this resource from Flashlight.

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