I’ve Got 3 New Books Headed Your Way

That’s right: 3 books! Busy, busy, busy!!!! I just signed my third book contract last week. So, I’ve…

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That’s right: 3 books! Busy, busy, busy!!!! I just signed my third book contract last week. So, I’ve got one book in the can and am just waiting for it to release (through Rainer Publishing). I’m in the editing process of the second book and working with my editing team and Project Manager to make corrections and edits (I hate footnotes, by the way). And my third book I haven’t even begun to write. I’ve simply wrote the Table of Contents for it. I’ve got until the end of this year to finish that. Whew! It will be so nice when these books and resources are complete and available to church leaders around the world.

Here’s a preview of what to expect:

  • Book One: Church Leadership Essentials: What Every Pastor Needs to Know
    through Rainer Publishing – This is two decades worth of church leadership wisdom, principles, philosophies and experience crammed into one book to give you training and knowledge that they don’t teach you in school.
  • Book Two: Strange Leadership though Tate Publishing – This book is 6 years in the making. After traveling the country extensively meeting with church leaders, pastors and innovators, I gathered all of our findings and research into a book on a Biblical view of innovation. This is not a trendy book as some books on innovation are. This book is firmly rooted in Scripture. To see what leading voices in the Church who have already read it are saying go HERE and click on Endorsements. Also, sign up for the newsletter to be alerted to specials and promotions with the book.
  • Book Three: Secrets of the Secret Shopper through Rainer Publishing – This book is based on my work as a consultant and secret shopper for some of the largest and fastest-growing churches in the country. Since I’m a pastor now and can’t miss my church, I thought I would put everything I do and look for on a secret shopper job into a book, so you can learn from it and do your own consultation. This is far cheaper than paying me $2500 plus travel expenses! Buy the book!

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