Jesus Christ Superstar

NOT – Forgive me in advance: here comes a rant. I have very few pet peeves, but those…

NOT – Forgive me in advance: here comes a rant. I have very few pet peeves, but those I have drive me crazy. Today I’d like to share with you 2 of them:

PET PEEVE #1: When I order a softdrink on a flight and they pour it in a cup and keep the rest of the can. What? I’m a big boy. I can drink the whole can. Stop holding back. Moving on…

PET PEEVE #2: Christian leaders and pastors that act like superstars. There are several reasons why this gets under my skin.

  • First, I’m a networker. I take joy in getting to know other Christian leaders of various postions/roles, denominaitons and church sizes. I love meeting and getting to know people and that’s not going to change no matter how much I think I “make it” one day.
  • Second, I’m a busy guy who serves on a mega-church staff, has a family, friends, a blog read daily by many people, writes for various websites and magazines, is writing a book, speaks at conferences across the country and still takes the time to respond to the many emails I get from people around the world each day.
  • Third, I see and know other Church leaders that are even busier, speak and write more and watch as they take time to answer questions, meet local peers in ministry and help others.
  • Fourth, I serve under an extremely humble Senior Pastor, Pete Briscoe. He’s seen our church go from around 200 people when he arrived, to now over 5000 under his leadership and is still one of the most genuinely humble and down to earth leaders I’ve ever been around. He has a very sensitive spirit and a true humility that makes me proud to know him.
  • Fifth (I saved the best for last), I look at the example of Christ. Christ washed his disciples feet. He was a servant leader. He touched people that were not supposed to be touched and hung around with people that the religious would not. 
If Jesus Christ could be humble, a servant and spend time with people of all types, shouldn’t He be our example? Shouldn’t we try to model after Him?
Now I know there are introverts and extroverts. I know not everyone is a natural networker. I get that. I do take issue with people that:
  • Don’t have the decency to respond to an email – even with a “I’m burried right now. I’ll get back to you soon.”
  • Don’t tell you their name when you meet them and shake their hand – like they assume you know who they are. I host gatherings where people come to meet me and still introduce myself and say, “Hi. I’m Greg Atkinson.” I was impressed when I met Michael W. Smith last year and he stuck out his hand and said, “Hi. I’m Michael.” – that’s a good impression that will always stick with me.
  • Pastors that are hidden during worship, appear on the stage and then disappear afterwards. My pastor is down at the front, meeting with and praying with people after each service. That impresses me. Someone told me 14 years ago, when I first started in ministry: “Walk slowly through the aisles.” I’ve tried to always remember that.
  • Pastors that are too busy to be at their own church’s baptism service. They get other staff members to baptize and don’t even attend. Are you kidding me? Have we forgotten what it’s all about and the joy and celebration of seeing people come to Christ and rejoice with them as they publically profess their faith? Get in the water, dude. Get wet. Get over it. Celebrate. Don’t take it for granted.
Hmmm? Did I miss anything? Anyone got anything to add? Don’t throw rocks!