Join Me at the National Outreach Convention

What are you doing November 3-5? How about joining me in beautiful San Diego? I’ll be speaking again this year at the National Outreach Convention and enjoying the worship, fellowship, networking and learning from various gifted speakers.

I’ll also be teaching THIS class where you can learn about what I (and visitors) look for when they come to your church. I’ve attended and taught at #NOC10 before and can assure you this is one of the premier conferences in the country. The focus is outreach, but the takeaways are numerous.

Just look at THIS lineup and all the quality speakers. The hard part is choosing which breakout to attend. Each one is taught by speakers that could give a keynote – they’re truly gifted and insightful. The general sessions are powerful, too and will fill your tank.

If all you heard was Christine Caine in a breakout and Mark Batterson’s and Matt Chandler’s main session, it would be worth the price of admission, but there’s 3 days full of programming. This conference is packed full of great content, challenging topics and even discussion groups.

The discussion groups (which are in addition to the breakouts and main sessions) are led by friends of mine like Charles, Hill, Carlos Whittaker, Phil Cooke, Shawn Wood, John Bishop, Dino Rizzo – plus even more led by homerun hitters like Dan Kimball and Christine Caine, to name a few.

Act now and get $50 off ALL tickets right now. People should use NOCOCT as a coupon code to get early bird pricing. I hope to see you in beautiful San Diego – where you can rest assured it will be 72 degrees. 😉

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