Leading in the Tough Times

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A friend asked me what it’s like to be a new author, lead Christian Media Magazine, coach, consult, speak, write and lead during this season in our lives where our son is sick. Actually, he’s been sick for a year and a half. You can read what we’re going through here. I replied that like anything in life, we live by faith – taking one step at a time day by day.

We’ve seen God provide provision in our time of need in amazing ways over the last 6 months. (Actually throughout our entire marriage we can testify to this.) You can’t out-give God. He is faithful and He is our Provider.

Life isn’t all rainbows, cotton candy and cool Instagram pictures with the perfect filter on it. Life has ups and downs, peaks and valleys, highs and lows. I also find that I grow closer to God during the low times and am more desperate for Him. I talk about this a lot in my new book Strange Leadership. God wants us to be desperate for Him and He cares more about the journey than the destination. He’s pruning and refining us and making us more like His Son.

What I’m passionate about and the message of my book that I’m trying to get out to people is that God wants us to be desperate for Him and not just that – He’s looking for a desperation that leads to a dependency upon the Holy Spirit. My heart’s desire is to be reliant on the Holy Spirit and follow where He leads. That’s my prayer for all of you – in good and bad times, hold tight to God and be desperate for Him.

One of the parts of leadership that is often not talked about is leading yourself. If you are not disciplined and sharp and obedient, you can’t lead others well. I encourage you to read my short, free ebook “Leading Yourself.” Go to my new book’s website and scroll down the page to the free resources where you can download it and other free resources, including a Team Discussion Guide to my new book Strange Leadership: 40 Ways to Lead an Innovative Organization.

I pray that you will draw close to God in the tough times and that you would have a firm grip on His hand even when things seem to be going smoothly. He’s there for you through it all – good and bad. Run to Him.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. – James 4:8 (NKJV)

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