Leading Worship This Morning

This morning I led worship at CrossPointe Church in Southlake, TX. Their regular worship leader, David Cote, was out and asked me to fill in for him. There was a sweet spirit and worshipful atmosphere, which speaks well of David’s shepherding of his congregation. Their church uses in-ear monitors – which is fine – but, I had an interesting experience. The sound tech, who was great (he used to run sound for Chris Tomlin), didn’t realize it, but the pastors lav mic was coming in to my ears the whole time I was trying to lead worship. At the time, it wasn’t funny and I was trying my best to stay on pitch and not be distracted, but on the ride home I got to thinking how cool it was that the pastor was singing out loud and with all his heart (I just wish it wasn’t blasting in my ear). Anyone ever experienced something like that?

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