Leading Yourself – Know Where You’re Strong and Weak

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Last year, I wrote a long piece or short ebook on leading yourself. I’m going to roll it out, piece by piece, over the next couple of weeks on my blog. This has never been published before. So here we go. Here’s the sixth piece:

Know Where You’re Strong
Know your strengths (take the StrengthFinder2.0 test and study the way you’re wired) and seek to turn your areas of 7 and 8’s into 9’s and 10’s. Mentor others and share what you’ve learned and how you have been shaped throughout your ministry career.

Know Where You’re Weak
Based off of your gifting and areas of strength, come to know your blindside and areas of weakness. Seek out a mentor to coach and train you and help you grow in your areas of weakness. You won’t be able to turn an area of 1 or 3 into a 9 or 10, but you can grow to a 3 or 5 and become more competent all around. Knowing your weaknesses also allows you to compensate and surround yourself with others (volunteer and/or paid staff) that can help you accomplish a task, project or run a ministry.

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