Leading Yourself

Join the insightful journey into the art and science of self-management, self-discipline, and personal growth.

Invaluable insights into becoming a more effective leader.


Whether you are leading a Fortune 500 company, a small team, or simply navigating the complexities of your personal life, this e-book offers invaluable insights into becoming a more effective, ethical, and impactful leader of your own life.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and leadership with Greg Atkinson as your guide. Lead yourself well, and watch how it transforms every area of your life.

What You Will Discover

Know Your Identity

Understand the core of who you are and anchor your leadership in your true identity.

Know Your Battle

Recognize the internal and external battles you face and how to navigate them with wisdom.

Know Your Power Source

Dive into the importance of staying connected to your spiritual and personal power sources.

Know Your Craft

Sharpen your skills and continue to grow in your area of expertise.

Know Your Limits

Learn the significance of setting boundaries for work-life balance and personal well-being.

Are you ready to lead yourself?