LeBron James Chooses Miami Heat

Well – it was much anticipated and it did not disappoint. Last night on ESPN, LeBron James made his big announcement. LeBron now joins super-stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami forming the new “Big 3” – replacing the Celtics (who won a title and twice went to the Finals).

What do you think about his decision? He could have made more money if he stayed in Cleveland so you can’t accuse him of being all about the money. It looks to me like he wants to win the big one (multiple times).

Here’s a picture of Cleveland fans burning his jersey.

How do you think they should react? What’s your reaction? Here is Dwight Howard’s (of the Orlando Magic) reaction on Twitter:

On Thursday July 8th, @dwighthoward said:

“Cmon cavs fans don’t do that. That man went hard for y’all for 7 yrs. He doin what’s best for him burning his jersey is messed up…”

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One thought on “LeBron James Chooses Miami Heat

  1. Well, I read that "if these three can figure out how to share the bball, they will be unstoppable." Guess that's true. But that is one big "if" considering thoses egos…not that they aren't nice guys, but they've got to have pretty healthy egos at this point in their life.