Live Online Netcourse with Susan Fontaine Godwin

In our upcoming podcast, we interviewed Susan Fontaine Godwin and discussed the resources of the Church Copyright Association. The CCA is now offering online courses. You may want to check out their upcoming course. Here’s the info:

Worship Leader Training Center’s Exclusive Netcourse on Church Copyright Compliance
Date: Wednesday, May 9
Time: 4pm (Pacific Daylight Time)

The Worship Leader Training Center is proud to offer the Netcourse in “The Business of Music: Copyright Compliance for the Church.” Worship Leader’s newest way to offer the best tools, ideas and resources through a series of online Netcourses (interactive classes via the Internet). Sign up for the most accessible high-quality training available in the skills worship leaders need to lead their congregations. Only $39! Each course has a limited attendance, so make sure you sign up today to reserve your spot.


Speaking of Susan Fontaine Godwin – after 5 hours of editing last night (and missing the Mavs game), Brian Davis and I finished the final edits to our podcast interview with Susan and 2 copyright attorneys. Look for podcast episode 5 VERY soon!

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