Living Legends

I had a revelation yesterday. My son and I were hanging out and watching basketball. He asked me who I watched when I was younger. I said, “the Bulls” and then it dawned on me that my son doesn’t know who Michael Jordan is. I was stunned. How can he not know who MJ is?Â

I asked him who the best player in basketball is and he said “Lebron James” – not bad, kid. Speaking of living legends, did you see Tiger Woods yesterday? Wow! What a finish! And of course: how about my Tarheels?Â

On a serious note, I once got to meet a true living legend. I was in the green room in the backstage of the worship center at Saddleback and met their guest speaker for the day: Brother Yun. If you don’t have his book, The Heavenly Man – you really ought to get it. It’s amazing. He’s an amazing man and a true “living legend”.Â

Who do you consider to be a living legend?

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