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So there you have it! This week we covered some very good information on MAG’s outsourcing services for churches. I’ve said for years that there are several things that the church can and should (when appropriate) outsource – such as communications/marketing, IT, facilities/maintenance, etc. Now you know of some new and creative things to outsource.
To summarize … MAG does the following:

1) Outsourced Virtual EA(s) – Executive Assistants for Churches

2) Outsourced Payroll for Churches

3) Outsourced Virtual Bookkeeping for Churches

4) Outsourced Virtual Groups Pastors for Churches (Small Groups)

I hope you will take a closer look at them when you think a need would arise for your Church. You can reach out to my friend, Bryan Miles, the owner of MAG at or via Twitter @bryanmiles.

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