Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful celebration of Christmas we had at my church. In our 5 services, we saw between…

What a wonderful celebration of Christmas we had at my church. In our 5 services, we saw between 6000 and 7000 people come worship with us. It was a special time, as this was our last Christmas in our current worship center. It was tough seeing 600 people sitting in overflow rooms – knowing that our new worship center (with plenty of room) was across the parking lot, but not quite ready for use.

Our service was very worshipful and very well received. We flew in our friend (the one-and-only “Gersh” – formerly of Whiteheart) to lead the band and arrange all our Christmas music. Our band sounded awesome playing these fresh, new arrangements that Gersh had written just for our services. The band was behind a scrim and you could just see their silhouettes as they played, then they would “disappear” during the drama.

The drama was also an original that one of our drama volunteers wrote just for this year (as we are in a period of change and transition) – the drama was called “Seasons” and followed a family that had gone through a lot of changes in the past year and shared Christmas memories. They would mention songs that were special to them and then the lights would go down on them and up on our vocalists, which were dressed according to the style and genre of each song. So, you had the band behind the scrim in silhouettes and the vocalists out front in various costumes.

After the drama (which was 40 minutes) our pastor came out and gave a great 15 minute message. We then had a special music piece (“What Child is This”) during the offering and then closed the service with 3 more congregational songs. The last 4 services, we had children come up on the stage and stretch out all the way across it, as we sang the closing medley. It was a sight I won’t forget.

How did Christmas go at your church?