In our world (meaning the worship/ministry world) Sunday is a big and very full day. We start early in the morning and we go until nighttime (we have an evening service until we get into our new worship center). Every week, I grow more proud and thankful for my Tech Arts team of volunteers. It is this precious group of dedicated servants that makes it happen behind-the-scenes.

Then comes Monday… I’m always tired, groggy and a little sleepy all morning. I usually need a shot of caffeine to get to our staff prayer each Monday morning. I try my best to participate and then walk around in a fog for a few hours, still drained from Sunday. You know, it’s amazing: Sunday comes every week! We give all we got and then wipe the dry erase board and start all over planning for the next Sunday.

This Monday is a little different as we have some projects that we’re working on, including switching out our Front of House sound board and prepping to sale 2 Mackie 56 channel boards (if anyone knows someone that’s interested). I’m enjoying the addition to my team of our new full-time Audio Coordinator. He’s dived in head first and has already made several improvements. I look forward to our projects this week. We also have a special dinner tonight and Saturday night for our building program/expansion project.

I’m curious as to what a Monday is like for you in your world.

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