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As I mentioned before, it’s Easter planning season. Here are some resources for you to consider:

My friends at The Work of the People just released some new Easter resources. Travis and Justin are always pushing the envelope in the world of Church media. Check these out:

This volume includes four of TWOP’s Lent resources: From Palms to the Cross, Psalm 130, If You Had Not Been With Us, and the From Palms to the Cross Loop. You save 60% when buy these as a volume.

This volume includes four of TWOP’s Passion Week resources: The Last Eyewitness, John 3:16, Good Friday/Psalm 22 & Cross Montage Loop 2. You save 60% when buying these as a volume.

This volume includes four of TWOP’s Easter Loop resources: Doves Loop, One Cross, One Body Loop, Cross Montage Loop 1, and Communion Loop 1. You save 60% when buying these as a volume.

I dig both the Cross Montage Loop 1 and Cross Montage Loop 2. While you’re there, be sure to check out their FREE VIDEO OF THE MONTH, Why Do You Obey Authority?”.

Floodgate logo

Continuing with Easter resources, I also encourage you to check out “I Surrender” from Floodgate Productions (also available in the WorshipHouse Easter store). While you’re checking out the fellas at Floodgate, you have got to watch and buy their video on vision entitled “Who Are We?“. At most churches, at least one time during the year, the pastor will teach on vision and present a kind of “State of the Union” message. I think EVERY church ought to purchase and use this very well done video in their main worship service. It’s the perfect combination of quality and powerful content mixed with eye-catching, edgy visuals. I love it. You know I don’t say that about everything. I’m saying it for this video: I love it!

MOP logo

Experience powerful worship this Easter season with a new volume of videos and matching graphics: Easter Loops. These subtle looping background videos capture a variety of timeless and trendy visual styles and are a great backdrop to songs, sermons, prayer, communion, and more.

Easter Loops retails for $60, but is available for a discount at the Midnight Oil store through Feb 24 for $50:

Each of the 10 videos comes with matching, customizable still images. Insert your own theme line, edit for sermon notes, and more. Easily
whip up a seamless, connected collection of media for worship and present using any presentation software. Or, download each video and/or still set individually for immediate use through Midnight Oil’s downloadable section online.

Themes include:

1. Communion
2. Crown of Thorns
3. Empty Tomb
4. Foot of the Cross
5. Glowing Tomb
6. Hammer and Nails
7. Last Supper
8. Palm Branch
9. Three Crosses
10. Three Empty Crosses
MOP Easter Loops
Easter Loops joins a growing collection of popular MOP Easter titles. Be sure to check out their entire Easter collection online HERE.

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