Much Love to David Crowder Band

David Crowder Band

It’s no secret: I’m a huge supporter and fan of the David Crowder Band. I think they have redefined worship music, as well as Christian music in general. I was amazed and excited that the DCB was voted “2006 Artist of the Year” by MSN Music – now that deserves some mad respect. They didn’t win “Christian Artist of the Year” – they won “Artist of the Year”… period. They edged out INXS to win. Hah!

*Passion is allowing you to watch their main sessions now through midnight on Friday. Go HERE and check them out. Each main session message has the potential to change your life forever.


Later today I’m going to post a YouTube video of a band overseas leading one of my favorite Crowder songs – “There Is No One Like You”. This foreign worship band translated the song into their own language and played it very well. I couldn’t help but tear up as I watched the video. God will get His praise. He alone is worthy. It is amazing to see Christ being lifted up in another language, but to a familiar tune. I encourage you to watch the video until the end – when they sing in English. It really messes me up (in a good way)!


iPhone Apple TV

As most of you know by now, Apple announced the iPhone yesterday. What are your thoughts? Are any of you actually going to purchase one? What about Apple TV? Now that’s pretty cool.

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