My Church Makes the News

Last night my pastor and our church were on the news. Some know the story of how I landed at Fellowship Dallas. Some don’t. I knew we going to get plugged in there before I ever heard their music and before I ever heard the pastor preach. I simply met the pastor for coffee one afternoon and he shared his vision for the church (he was fairly new, too). He told me off his heart to work with the poor and how the church was relocating – not to the suburbs, but to one of the worst areas in Dallas. My heart was pounding as he told me his vision for helping the refugees in our new location’s backyard.

In my class at MinistryCOM, I said that your church should have such a presence in your community that if your church was in financial trouble, the community would rally to keep it in business. I ran into someone at Catalyst that said he had been thinking about that quote and shared it with his church staff. This story on my church is exactly that (the news anchor even says it). Here’s a link to the news story. Check it out!


A few weeks ago I went on a rant about a Saturday night phonecall. I mentioned that I didn’t finish my thoughts in the blog, but was turning it into an article. It’s this month’s cover story for Christian AV Magazine. You can read it HERE. Ever have issues between your tech team and music team? You might want to read my article on Monday Morning Insight. You can comment and join the discussion.

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