My Main Man: Blaine Hogan

Months ago, I introduced the Church media world to Blaine Hogan – an up-and-coming filmmaker (and designer) who…

Months ago, I introduced the Church media world to Blaine Hogan – an up-and-coming filmmaker (and designer) who did the “Starving Jesus” video that went straight to the top of each website it appeared on. His newer video, “Ignorable Calling” is also rising up the Top 10 list.

Guess what? The entire “Starving Jesus” series (in downloadable form) is up on WorshipHouse and SermonSpice. Also the DVD volume is available for pre-order in the Difted store. This is the completion of a year-long series, which, by the way, is how Blaine is paying for seminary. That’s right – when you purchase Blaine’s videos, DVD or shirts, you’re supporting his education!


pink shirtBlaine cardBlaine shirt

I just wrote an article for a brand new magazine (that you really should subscribe to) called Collide Magazine. In the article I mentioned how important quality design is in today’s culture. Branding and design are words that should be heard and understood in all churches. It’s important how you present yourself and how others perceive you.

I bring this up because Blaine is also quite a gifted designer and is doing free-lance design work as another way to support himself through school. Above are recent projects he’s did. One is for a ministry called Project Sixty One, which is a homeless ministry in California. Blaine does mostly print, merchandise, logo work, and worship backgrounds.

If you’re looking for fresh, edgy, sharp design work for your church (t-shirts, website or print materials), then I recommend you contact Blaine and see what he can do for you. His rates are extremely flexible and he’s open to any kind of work at the moment. Blaine would like to partner with people who need creative work done…especially churches. So, the idea would be getting people who believe that art and faith can change the world, to partner with a creative kid who is working his way through seminary by using his gifts (speaking, writing, directing, design, etc.).

Bottom-line: Get to know Blaine. Here’s a link to some more of his work HERE.