My Other Family

Yep – we’re in it. Hell Week… I mean: Tech Week. This is the time of year when I spend 15 hours a day at the church. I’m blogging this after getting in at 1:30am. That’s why my blogging has been light this week. We’re in it every night this week and then will do our annual Christmas production this Saturday. We’ve already sold 5100 tickets at last count, so at least we’ll have some company.

Since I’m seeing my church family more this week than my actual family, I thought I’d share a recent picture of our Worship & Arts staff. This is a picture of our paid worship staff. There are some great volunteers and interns that are a true part of our team that are missing from this picture, but if you want to see who I spend a lot of time with, here you go.

These guys know me (the good, the bad, the ugly, my struggles and crosses to bear) and still love and accept me. As my pastor, Pete Briscoe, says, “To be fully known and loved is a beautiful thing.”

staff picture

Looking at the picture straight on, I’m all the way to the right. To my left is my video producer, Jonathan. All the way on the end (to the far left) is my Audio Coordinator, Tom and in front of him (on the far left floor) is my admin, Julie. That’s my team. How’s Christmas going in your neck of the woods?

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