My Weekend at Saddleback

What a whirlwind weekend! Saddleback Church flew my wife and I out for a very special visit this…

What a whirlwind weekend! Saddleback Church flew my wife and I out for a very special visit this past weekend. We returned late last night.

Rick Muchow
Rick Muchow, Worship Pastor at Saddleback, was our host and guide for the weekend. Rick is the “real deal” – a man of God, a family man and a man that I greatly respect. My wife and I were able to attend Saddleback’s staff retreat which was going on Friday night and was held at the same hotel that we were staying at. What a sight it was to see a room full (over 500) of staff and their spouses praising God.

Rick Warren had just returned from a 49 day trip in which he had spoke countless times in over 30 countries in the last 48 days. He spoke to his staff Friday night and encouraged them to keep pressing on and moving forward for Christ. It was a sweet time of worship, fellowship, time in the Word and we were honored to just be there and witness it.

Saturday morning and early afternoon, my wife and I got to sight see and walk around Laguna Beach. The weather was absolutely amazing. Saturday evening we arrived to the church so I could catch some of their sound check/rehearsal. At Saddleback’s main service (they also have several other venues with multiple services) they have 2 Saturday night services, 2 Sunday morning and 2 Sunday night. I got to attend and worship in the main service twice. During some of the other service times I walked around from venue to venue – from middle school, to senior high, to college/singles, to their Terrace Cafe venue, to their Ohanna service which is their island-style venue, complete with hula and island-style music.

God is using this church in a mighty way. It reminds me of our commission to go to Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the world. They are known and loved in their community and surrounding areas. They are influencing churches around the United States and they are sending teams and staff to minister to countries around the globe. What an example!

Sunday afternoon, Rick Muchow had arranged a special lunch for me to share one of my seminars with his worship/music, tech and creative arts staff and leaders. I presented my class on “Planning Multi-sensory Worship”. We had a fun and interactive time of learning and discussing ideas to become even better communicators of the Gospel. I was honored to be there and honored to be able to speak to such a gifted team of leaders.