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What are you preaching the weekend before the National Day of Prayer? Consider the National Day of Prayer…

National Day of Prayer 07

What are you preaching the weekend before the National Day of Prayer? Consider the National Day of Prayer Preacher’s Package for 2007. It’s called Wanting God’s Best for Our Land, and using Psalm 137, it will help you help your church pray more faithfully and effectively for America…during this year’s National Day of Prayer.

Prayer has been a vital force in the growth and development of America. It would certainly be appropriate if…your congregation were to unite in a natioanl day of prayer…with many others…reaffirming in a dramatic manner the deep commitment to prayer which has prevailed throughout the history of the United States.

It was 1988 when President Reagan signed a bill marking the first Thursday of May our country’s National Day of Prayer. Since then, millions across the United States have come together each year for prayer…

This timely resource will help you, pastor, prepare for this all-important, dramatic day of national intercession! Here’s what this National Day of Prayer Preacher’s Package delivers:

  • A complete sermon manuscript from Dr. David R. Mains from Psalm 137, adaptable to your church setting. It relates the historical perspective from the plight of the Israelites, to America’s Second Great Awakening in 1857-1858, to today’s need for Americans to pray for revival in our nation. Title: Wanting God’s Best for Our Land. Preview the sermon
  • A powerful church video featuring inspirational images set to the music of God Bless America. Watch the Video
  • PowerPoint graphics, numerous service ideas (including suggested music), and an MP3 song file.
  • Reproducible bulletin inserts highlighting prayer-related stories and miracles, and full-color Posters.
  • Our exclusive 2007 National Day of Prayer Guide, which you can bulk order for your entire church. It includes Scripture, prayer points, and a history of the National Day of Prayer, to help your people practice what you preach.

Use this timely resource to encourage your church to pray. Plus, receive FREE SHIPPING (USPS Priority Mail) when you order by April 13 to ensure prompt delivery by the weekend of April 28-29.